Realizing Potential.

Shine Through provides successful training and work experience for disadvantaged youth and young people with learning difficulties within the community

We also run activity groups and out of class education for children struggling in and out of school, unemployed teenagers and young adults within special education

Who would have guessed I would be able to write!!

In school, I was told, “You will never be able to read or write!” My life journey was one big struggle until I met Mr M., who made me feel normal. One day he said, “Come to the workshop; I want you to fix some appliances”

In the beginning, it was hard, but he had a way of teaching and explaining. Now 26, I am happily married with a steady income. All of my success is a credit to him.

He opened “Shine Through”, a not-for-profit organisation helping boys like me. Those who donate will help more boys succeed in life and give them hope as Mr M. gave me.

Our Mission

We try to recognize the individual needs of each youth we serve.

Our focus is always to empower them to discover their own unique paths, and to shape their own action plans and life goals.

Engaging Youth. Building Bridges.


Years of working with disadvantaged youth

Our Philosophy

Transforming the lives of young people

Our comprehensive youth-driven programming is centred on unconditional support, absolute respect and relentless engagement.
Engage Youth
Our programs aim to support young people to re-engage in learning pathways and social responsibilities.

We host private tuition for under 16s as well training and work experience for +17s.

Problem solving
Our programs help young people build emotional intelligence and help overcome the challenges they face.

We offer courses in model flight training, gardening and woodwork.

Building skills
Helping youth build confidence and grow and sustain their independence over the long-term.

Our innovative recreational activities explores the latest cutting edge technology.

How we do it

Our Mission

Today’s world is becoming increasingly difficult for young people to navigate. It is especially unforgiving for those who have suffered physical, mental or emotional challenges and various forms of discrimination.
Shine Through supports youth to thrive through programs and healthy relationships that build emotional intelligence and help overcome the challenges they face.

Recreational Activities

Our services are flexible, personalized and constantly evolving to meet a specific needs and reflect feedback.


We commit to clear, honest, and open communication, and are accountable to our youth, staff, donors and supporters.

Diverse Programs

Innovative and sustainable programs that promote the mental, emotional, and social health of youth.

Long term Integration

 We meet youth’s immediate needs and then we work together to achieve their future goals.